Bebashi – Transition to Hope is celebrating its 35th year, and we’ve come a long way. When we were founded in 1985, Bebashi was the first organization in the United States to address the AIDS epidemic in the African American community. We still remain the second oldest AIDS service organization in the Philadelphia region, providing free HIV/STI testing, and sexual education and prevention to people of color, especially Black Americans.

Over the years, Bebashi has evolved and trailblazed, and we continue to expand our services to speak to the multitude of health disparities that impact urban communities and people living in poverty.

2020 is the year of unprecedented challenges, but we never gave up hope.

It felt fitting to make HOPE our 35th Anniversary theme — Humility, Opportunity, Perseverance, Evolution (HOPE).



We are humble. We take great pride in serving our community. The community is at the heart of everything we do. We give our community the opportunity to take control of their lives. We help people transition to HOPE.



The community comes first, and our door is always open. In the midst of a global pandemic, we remain in full operation providing the community with vital and critical services, We are a trailblazer and committed to being at the forefront of offering innovative services and resources to our community– whether that be hunger relief efforts, free primary care and family planning, a criminal justice program and LGBTQ services


Bebashi is grateful for the community who stood by us throughout years – whether it’s volunteering, donating or utilizing our services – none of the work we have achieved could be possible without your support.

Given this, we are excited to announce the creation of The 1985 ClubThe 1985 Club’s purpose is to ensure that those invested in our mission have the opportunity to make a sustainable and ongoing impact on our work and the community. To join The 1985 Clubclick here and then click “make this donation recurring” for $19.85. You can also designate your gift to The 1985 Club.

Thank you.

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