Bebashi’s TransNecessities Closet: Empowering Philadelphia’s transgender and gender non-conforming community



Philadelphia, PA (October 5, 2020) – Amid recent attacks against transgender individuals, Bebashi-Transition to Hope is empowering members of the trans community to live freely. On Saturday, October 3, during the 2020 National Trans Visibility March, the non-profit organization officially launched its TransNecessities Closet, a safe space where transgender and gender non-conforming individuals can obtain the items they need to present as their true identities.

“Bebashi’s mission is centered on empowering individuals to enhance the quality of their lives. This is something that goes beyond health and includes being able to access all of the resources persons need to lead fulfilling lives and live their truth,” said Keisha Gabbidon, Resource Navigator and TransNecessities Closet Coordinator.

Through the TransNecessities Closet, individuals have free access to gender affirming items such as clothing, shoes, wigs, accessories, binders, and gaffs. In addition, the organization offers assistance and referrals to obtain legal name changes, identification gender marker changes, and other resources that are necessary for a seamless transition to their true gender identity.

Clients of the TransNecessities Closet will also be able to make use of Bebashi’s many other programs and services including HIV and STD testing and counseling; referrals for PEP, PrEP and hormone therapy;  primary care services; support services for HIV positive individuals, as well as for the LGBTQ+ community; and access to the organization’s hunger relief programs.

“Bebashi prides itself on being a champion for social justice and we believe that all persons have a right to live without fear of being rejected or attacked. The TransNecessities Closet helps to make this vision a reality for persons who may not have affordable access to gender affirming items,” said Sebrina Tate, Director of Programs and Administration.

Individuals are encouraged to schedule an appointment for the TransNecessities Closet as, due to COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions, there is a limit to the number of persons that could be accommodated in the facility.

To learn more about the TransNecessities Closet and Bebashi’s other services, visit or call 215-769-3561.


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