Bebashi awarded a $15,000 grant to provide quality health services for black and brown communities

The funding was received from  Philadelphia Foundation for the organization’s  work in HIV/AIDS, health education, and social services.

Philadelphia, PA (June 15, 2023)Local nonprofit, Bebashi Transition to Hope (Bebashi), was recently awarded $15,000 of grant funding by Philadelphia Foundation to support the organization’s  HIV/AIDS services, health education, and social services. The funding will allow the organization to expand its resources and continue to provide high-quality care to Philadelphia’s most vulnerable communities.

“We are grateful for the support we have received  through the Philadelphia Foundation grant,”  said Sebrina Tate, Executive Director, Bebashi. “This grant will enable us to continue to provide the unique services that our community needs, which typically do not have a funding source and allow our team  to focus on the delivery of our meaningful work, rather than on fundraising to cover costs.”

Bebashi’s mission is to empower Black and Brown people to enhance the quality of their health and well-being. The organization accomplishes this goal by providing a range of services that address the socioeconomic health disparities experienced by these communities, including full-time HIV/AIDS services, support groups that  focus on clients’ mental health, and a high-quality food pantry, which offers a variety of nutritious meals, fruits, and vegetables.

The organization has seen firsthand the urgent needs of its clients and low-income communities in general and is committed to providing the support that these individuals need to transform their lives.

To learn more about Bebashi’s services and how you can support the organization, visit or call 215-769-3561. 


About Bebashi – Transition to Hope 

Bebashi – Transition to Hope was founded in 1985 as a full-service HIV/AIDS nonprofit organization with a special interest in serving low-income people of color with HIV disease. As the second-oldest AIDS service organization in the Philadelphia region, Bebashi was the first African American organization in the United States to address the HIV/AIDS pandemic. It remains one of Philadelphia’s largest community-based minority providers of HIV/AIDS education and services for the urban community. Bebashi’s mission is to empower Black and brown people to enhance the quality of their health and overall well-being by providing access to culturally sensitive high-quality healthcare, HIV/AIDS services, health education and social services. Since its inception, the organization has expanded to address other health disparities impacting the community and its services now include hunger relief, primary medical care and navigation services. For more information, go to 

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