Bebashi in the News – WHYY (August 17): How should we talk about monkeypox? Local experts say tailoring public health messaging is a balancing act

Bebashi’s Executive Director, Sebrina Tate, was recently interviewed by WHYY on the importance of effective messaging when discussing monkeypox in our communities.

 Sebrina Tate said that implementing effective public health strategies, it comes down to having better partnerships with organizations that serve vulnerable communities, before a crisis hits, not just during.

Tate is the executive director at Bebashi, a non-profit organization that serves Black and brown communities with LGBTQ-focused health care and services.

“All of the information, how we receive information, how it’s broken down, digested and understood — how do you make it culturally sensitive so that people are making the best decision for their health care, the best decision for them, and protecting themselves the best way they know how?” she asked.

Tate said the window is closing to get it right, but there’s still an opportunity to do better. 

Click the link to read the full article.

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