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Our Services

Bebashi offers a wide range of services including HIV & Sexual Health support, Breast Health support, Hunger Relief, and Social Services.

HIV and Sexual Health

Prevention Education

Culturally sensitive education workshops to populations most at risk for HIV infection

HIV/Hep C/STI and Pregnancy Counseling and Testing

Anonymous or confidential counseling provided prior to and after HIV testing

HIV Medical Case Management

Professional social work services provided to approximately 500 persons living with HIV/AIDS

Prison Discharge Planning

A discharge planning program supporting HIV+ individuals newly discharged from prisons

Support Groups

Informal meetings for various populations of people living with HIV/AIDS in Philadelphia

Women's Initiative

Case management services targeting HIV+ women and HIV+ women who have children who are not positive

Hunger and Nutritional Support

Nutritional Support

Non-perishable food items and food vouchers offered to persons in need in the Philadelphia metropolitan area

Breast Cancer

Breast Exams

Referrals to free or low cost clinical breast examinations, and mammograms


Support for women who experience breast health abnormalities, including breast cancer

Bosom Buddy Support

Volunteers are available to join you on your mammogram appointments and offer support

Transportation Assistance

Tokens are available for women who use public transportation to get to mammogram appointments

Social Services

Get comprehensive, personal support from our staff social workers. Each carries a Masters or Bachelors degree in this field, complimented by real-world experience. Our social workers help people with HIV and who test positive for Hepatitis C or STIs, teens who discover that they are pregnant, women with breast cancer, and Philadelphians in need of nutrition support.